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Looking for some holiday gift inspiration?

Planning a Cookie Exchange Party or trying to organize a Secret Santa Gift Exchange (maybe with a twist this year)?

All of the holiday posts are right here, in one place! Keep checking back often because this page will be updated throughout the year!

Most of these links will lead you to a post with specific information, and some of the links are for helpful products!

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Gifts for Book Lovers

27 Unique Gifts for True Crime Fans

Gifts for Dog Lovers

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Holiday Party Planning

Secret Santa Rules

How to Plan a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

Christmas Planner Printables

Prepare Your Home (and yourself!) for the Holidays

Get Ready for Christmas Early

Organized Christmas Hacks (7 SIMPLE tips to stay organized!)

Christmas Planner Printables

30 Day Declutter Calendar

Elf On the Shelf Ideas

Elf On the Shelf Name Ideas

11 Ways to Earn Extra Money in Your Free Time

How to Save Money On Groceries

9 Ibotta Tips for Getting More Savings

How To Clean A Messy House

How To Clean Your Iron.

  • This may seem like an odd addition, but after my DIY Christmas Gift Debacle of 2019, I seriously needed to learn how to clean my iron. You’ll find the full story in that post!

How To Make A Pantry Inventory.

  • You’ll learn all about how, and why, to make a pantry inventory. You’ll also see how it’s saved me money. Because also, in Christmas 2019, I bought waaaay too much cinnamon for cookies when I already had plenty of cinnamon at home.
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