Gifts for Dog Owners

Gifts for Dog Lovers (Perfect for Any Occasion)

People love their dogs like family members, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for dog lovers in your life, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll be looking at some of the best gift ideas for dog owners: everything from gifts for new dog owners to perfect Christmas gifts for dog lovers, and even some special ideas for someone mourning the loss of a pet.

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Gifts for Dog Owners

Gift Ideas for Dog Owners

Socks with Their Dog’s Face

Head on over to this Etsy shop and customize a pair of socks for your favorite dog lover!

A Personalized Necklace

This beautiful necklace can be personalized with the pup’s name, and it comes with a second charm that is a cute little paw print. It comes in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold.

Book: When You Love a Dog

There’s Always Room for One More Dog

I mean, this sign speaks nothing but the truth! And it’s super cute decor to add to any room!

Thoughts of Dog Calendar

If you’ve ever seen Thoughts of Dog floating around the internet and social media, you know that these are extremely cute things that we think our dogs are thinking.

This is a must have for ANY dog lover.

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is like, the premium dog camera. Not only can you see your furry friend when you’re away, but you can also toss them treats from the app on your phone!

Check out the Furbo Dog Camera!

Conico Camera

The Conico Camera is another great way for dog owners to keep tabs on their pup while they’re away. It may not pop out treats, but it is a great cost effective option!

Check out the Conico Camera!

Don’t forget to get your Holiday Planner! 37 planning pages you can print out for an organized holiday season! There is an optional Thanksgiving Planner with 20 additional pages. Check them both out here!

GPS Tracker for Dogs

Some dogs can be escape artists. I’ve volunteered with two dog rescue groups and gone on searches for a few missing pups. It seems that every other day when I scroll social media, I find a missing dog post. It’s sad and heartbreaking when a dog gets loose.

Thankfully, there are now GPS trackers that attach to dogs’ collars which can help us find them if they get away from us!

The Tractive GPS tracker is amazing! It offers live GPS tracking, and you can set up a virtual fence – which means it will alert you if your dog or cat travels outside of that area.

Check it out now!


FitBark Health Tracker

The FitBark tracks various health aspects with your dog! Some models also track your pup’s location 24/7.

This is great for anyone who is very active with exercising with their dog, or who would like to know how their dog is getting along when home alone.

FitBark can help you understand your dog’s separation anxiety, monitor activity and sleep, and can even sync with your own fitness tracker!

Check it out!

Embark Vet DNA Test

DNA tests for humans have become incredibly popular – and there is no exception when it comes to our furry friends!

Getting a DNA test for your dog can be a great way to identify his or her breed makeup, which can be very important for preventing future health issues.

A lot of dog breeds are predisposed to having certain issues through their lives, and sometimes with our mixed breed dogs it’s hard to identify what they’re really mixed with.

The Embark Vet DNA Test Kit can help you uncover those things!

There are two options, a Breed Identification Kit, or a Breed and Health Kit.

Any dog lover will appreciate a gift like this that can help them keep their pup healthy!

Click here to compare the two kits!

Don’t forget to get your Holiday Planner! 37 planning pages you can print out for an organized holiday season! There is an optional Thanksgiving Planner with 20 additional pages. Check them both out here!

Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

A Personalized Ornament

This Etsy shop has some really sweet and simple ornaments that can be personalized with the dog’s name. Too cute!

Paw Print Ornament

This paw print ornament kit is an amazing keepsake!

Personalized Wrapping Paper

At this Etsy shop, you can pick the dog breed and add your dog’s name and you’ll get super cute wrapping paper featuring the dog with a little Santa hat. HONESTLY, THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER.

Christmas Themed Bandanas

Okay, these are too cute. If your dog lover has one dog, they have options to switch it up. If they have two dogs, they’re covered. Adding this to my cart RIGHT now.

Gifts for Dog Lovers – Gift Ideas for New Dog Owners

Treat Pouch

I’ve had my dogs for 7 years, and I JUST got one of these. I wish I had this from day one. I really, really do! It buckles around my waist and I can easily grab treats, poop bags, etc. I also stash my keys in it when I take the pups on walks!

Personalized Dog Collar

A dog can never have too many collars! Check out this Etsy shop that has beautiful dog collars, that come with buckles personalized with the dog and owner’s information!

101 Dog Tricks Book

We have this book, and it’s the perfect thing to work on with the dogs to keep them mentally stimulated! It’s really great on rainy days if we can’t take a walk, or need to cut it short.

The step-by-step instructions, with pictures, makes it really easy to understand what to do at each stage of teaching a new trick!

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Gifts for a Dog Mom (or a dog dad)

Dog Mom Tumbler

I mean, it really is an essential. Let’s be real.

Customizable Dog Mom Keychain

This cute Dog Mom keychain can be customized to have smaller paw prints with each dog’s name on them! Check it out on Etsy!

Personalized Water Bottle

I have this water bottle from this exact Etsy shop. It is beautiful!

There are quite a few personalization options, and I’ve had the water bottle for a few months now, and it has held up through many washes (I hand wash my dishes).

Check it out!

The Dogfather Shirt

I Work Hard Shirt

Check out this cute shirt at Etsy that clearly states, “I work hard so my dog can have nice things.” Because, don’t we all?

Gifts for Dog Lovers FROM the Dog

I don’t know about you, but my husband and I give each other cards from the dogs on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. If you think it’s weird, there are cards out there specifically from the dog!

A Picture Frame

A cute frame is always a great gift FROM the dog!

A Shirt That Reminds You That Your Dog Loves You

A Notebook That Shows How Much Your Dog Loves You

Even if it’s a little bit of a sassy message.

Don’t forget to get your Holiday Planner! 37 planning pages you can print out for an organized holiday season! There is an optional Thanksgiving Planner with 20 additional pages. Check them both out here!

Gifts for Dog Lovers – the Loss of a Dog

Losing a pet is difficult. Our pets are members of our families, and when one crosses the rainbow bridge, it can be extremely difficult after they’ve brought so much happiness and love into our lives.

I have personally gotten two stones from this shop. First, someone sent one to us as a gift after my father-in-law passed away. It’s a very gorgeous stone and a perfect way to honor his memory.

After receiving that, when my parents’ cat passed away, I decided to get a stone from the same shop. I was so impressed with the quality of the stone as well as the beautiful design options.

I’d also like to mention that this Etsy shop owner is AMAZING with customer service. She was a pleasure to work with, very responsive to questions, and the experience was made so much easier.

I highly recommend this shop!

christmas gifts for dog lovers
gifts for dog lovers

Gifts for Dog Lovers

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