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11 Different Laundry Bags and Baskets To Make Laundry Feel Like Less of a Chore

Do You Need a New Laundry Bag or Basket?

Laundry baskets don’t seem like a science, right? Just grab the one that looks the best when you’re walking through your favorite store. There are SO many options now, from laundry baskets on wheels to laundry bags, and your good old plastic laundry baskets. I’ve sorted through them all to find the best options for you!

I never really considered different laundry basket options until I finally scraped my hand on the wall one last time carrying the laundry down the somewhat narrow basement stairs. So, since I started looking into different types of laundry baskets, I have found P-L-E-N-T-Y of options.

Seriously, so many options.

Maybe you don’t even need a new laundry basket, but just want to change things up a little bit!

You. Have. Options.

We’ll take a look at laundry baskets with wheels, laundry bags, and even a few different colorful options!

Plus, at the end I’ll give you 3 quick tips to making laundry seem like less of a chore!

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Laundry bags & baskets

Laundry Basket on Wheels

Did you know laundry baskets with wheels exist outside of laundromats or hotels?

These are PERFECT options for those who have their washer and dryer on the same level of the house as most of the bedrooms (or wherever else your laundry really piles up).

P.S. – If you have a home with laundry on the main floor, or a laundry room on the same floor as all of your bedrooms, I am totally jealous.

Also, they don’t have to be an eyesore or super clunky!

These laundry baskets on wheels are super cute and come in neutral color options.

Click here to see them on Amazon!

Both the option above and below come with handles on the side, which is perfect for apartment or condo living when you might have to carry it to a communal laundry area.

I love this slim option (they do offer a larger size as well) for a really cute pop of color!

Click here to see it on Amazon in the different sizes and colors!

Last up for our laundry baskets with wheels, is this heavy duty 3 bag system.

This is perfect for sorting laundry. You can also remove each bag separately if you need to! Click here to see it on Amazon!

If you prefer a plastic laundry basket, this is another great option! You could also use it for plenty of other things you need to carry from one room or another. I’m immediately thinking about how easy this would be to put some Christmas gifts in when we go to other houses for the holidays!

Check it out here.

Laundry Bags

Laundry bags are sometimes so much more convenient than baskets! Here are some wonderful options for at home and a few for when you’re on the go and traveling.

This laundry bag comes in a few different colors! Some have patterns, and some are solid color that say “laundry” along with some laundry items (like tshirts, pants, etc).

See it on Amazon.

Next up we have this mesh laundry bag. It has flexible fabric handles so it can hang somewhere if you need it to, and it is also collapsible to save space when you don’t need it! It comes in two sizes: medium and large.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

I wish I knew about things like this laundry backpack before I had my own washer and dryer! It’s so convenient, and even has a pocket to carry your detergent and laundry supplies!

This is another perfect option for apartment living, condo life, and college students! It might also be great for when you are traveling for an extended period of time – you could just shove all your dirty laundry in the bag as it accumulates, then conveniently carry it to the laundromat when you get to one!

Check it out on Amazon!

Back in the day, I used to bring plastic grocery bags to put our dirty clothes in when we traveled. Now I carry some mesh laundry bags (we’ll get to those in a minute), and these draw string bags instead.

These cute bags are perfect for traveling, and come in quite a few different patterns and colors! I love the patterns below to take on vacation!

Click here to see them on Amazon!

You should always wash your delicates in mesh laundry bags to help prevent them from getting damaged in the wash (check out this article for more info on washing delicates).

And by delicates, I don’t just mean underwear and lacy lingerie! I have some blouses I put in the mesh laundry bags too, if they have a lot of detail on them or any lace appliqués, they go in a mesh bag before going into the wash!

Here’s a great set of 5 mesh laundry bags so you always have one on hand, or you can get a 7 piece set like this to help you keep things organized while traveling!

Colorful Laundry Baskets

These super colorful laundry bags are perfect to get for each bedroom!

Check out all the colors and patterns on Amazon!

This collapsible laundry basket comes in a few different colors (including some bright ones!) and you can get either a rectangle or oval shape!

See the different color options here!

Last, but certainly not least, you can never go wrong with a simple plastic laundry basket like this. This is what I use the most for every day laundry, and the side is more comfortable when I’m carrying it around resting on my hip!

Keep reading for 3 quick tips to help make laundry feel like less of a chore!


Quick Tips To Help Make Laundry Less of a Chore

I just want to finish things off by saying that some people don’t mind doing laundry, and some people hate it. Laundry seems easy enough, because when you’re motivated to clean and do laundry, all you have to do at first is put it in the wash!

But then, if you’re anything like me, you forget about it until hours later (or sometimes the next day…or sometimes when you need something NOW and it’s still wet…or sometimes days later…you know how it goes).

Then you have to either re-wash everything, or it’s like 11pm and you switch it to the dryer only to find everything wrinkled the next morning!

I get the struggle. I’ve become a lot better at getting laundry done and having it be MUCH less of a chore in recent years, so here are a few quick tips!

  1. Have set days to do laundry, and add those days to your cleaning schedule.

    If you wait until the basket or hamper is full or overflowing, it will seem like much more of a huge task. Try to have set days that you will do laundry. How many days per week you do laundry will depend on the size of your household and how much you accumulate each day!

    Don’t have a cleaning schedule? Click here to check out my cleaning planner to help you make a routine that works for you! It includes some done-for-you schedules, and blank schedules so you can make your own and use the others as inspiration!
  2. Set a timer.

    Never forget to switch your laundry again, and remember to fold it when it’s freshly done! As soon as you put your laundry in the washer, set a timer for about how long it takes to run a cycle, or a little bit longer (so you don’t run to the laundry room and it’s not done yet).

    As soon as the timer goes off, go switch or fold your laundry!
  3. Kick the appearance of laundry clutter to the curb by implementing a 5-10 minute per day quick pick up or quick declutter. Basically just set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes and pick up all the laundry around the house.

    If you need help decluttering, you can get your copy of my Declutter Planner Ebook & Workbook to help you out! Or start by getting your FREE 30 day declutter calendar here!

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