A Printable Christmas Planner for an organized holiday season

Picture your holiday season.  

It starts somewhere around Thanksgiving.  Maybe a little before if you’re hosting.

You have multiple family gatherings to attend between the end of November and the end of the year.

You have gifts to buy that, quite frankly, can sometimes be hard to keep up with!

The house needs to be cleaned.  The guest rooms need to be prepared.

And did I mention a budget?  How many years have you planned to stick with a budget, but when the holidays come around that just goes right out the window?!

Your dreams of a stress-free holiday season CAN be a reality. 

This year, the holiday season just got easier

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, these printable planners have you covered!

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the Christmas Planner.

printable christmas planner

The Printable Christmas Planner Includes:

37 pages of 8.5″ x 11″ printables to help keep you on track.

Print them out and stick them in a binder to get yourself started for the most organized Christmas yet!

3 Holiday Planner Cover Pages:

  • Holiday Planner
  • Christmas Planner
  • Gift Planner

To help keep your information separated, or to choose whatever wording you’d like.

printable holiday planner

Holiday Calendar Pages & To-Do Lists:

  • One Page Monthly Calendar (undated, so you can use it again)
  • Two Page Calendar Spread (undated)
  • Daily Agenda (breaks down your day hourly, and includes a separate checklist and notes section)
  • To-Do List Version 2 (so you have options)

Christmas Meal Planning & Party Planning Pages:

  • Baking Schedule
  • Cooking Schedule
  • Grocery List (with notes section)
  • Grocery List (broken down by recipe)
  • Christmas Eve Menu (two versions, depending on how many dishes you’re serving)
  • Christmas Day Menu (two versions, depending on how many dishes you’re serving)
  • Place Cards, 2 Styles (perfect for a seated meal or to label dishes in a buffet)
  • Guest List (includes spots to track RSVPs, how many children will be present, and any dietary notes)

Prepare a Clean Home for the Holidays:

  • House Prep Checklist, by room (blank)
  • House Prep Sample Checklist, by room (take the guesswork out of cleaning before parties with a sample checklist EXCLUSIVE to the Christmas planner!)
  • House Prep Checklist, by days (blank, map out what needs to be done in the days leading up to Christmas!)
  • Clean Home To-Do List (blank, an alternate style, because having options is always good)

Trackers, Trackers, Trackers!

  • Budget Tracker (that’s right, you CAN stick to a budget this year!)
  • Card Tracker (no more guessing on who you sent cards to, and who sent them to you)
  • Gift Tracker (keep track of what you bought, who you bought it for, where it’s from, and when you received an online order)
  • Black Friday (map out all the deals before you head out to the stores)
  • Cyber Monday (give yourself the gift of an organized online shopping experience)
christmas planner printable

Christmas Gift Planner

  • DIY Project Planner (keep track of your DIY projects and supplies)
  • Gift Ideas (2 people per page, keep track of interests, ideas you come up with throughout the year, clothing sizes and more!  Two color themes – one you can use throughout the year, and one more Christmas-y)
  • Wishlist (make notes of what YOU want this year)
  • Holiday Links (if you need inspiration, there will be links to various gift guides!)

Additional Pages

2 Notes Pages (in two different colors)

Intro Pages (to give you an idea of how to use the pages if you ever need it!)

What Are the tips to planning the perfect holiday?

MAKE A PLAN: Holiday planning CAN be easier!

GET ORGANIZED: These printable planning pages can help with that!

START ASAP:  Whether you start planning in July, November, or December 1, you CAN do it all by Christmas.

DON’T FORGET TO RELAX:  Hey, you deserve it, because with these printables, you’re going to be a Christmas planning wizard!


Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? 

Do you need to map out your activities starting earlier than December?

Don’t worry, you’re covered with the Thanksgiving Planner AND Christmas Planner bundle!

Holiday Planner Bundle


20 pages of 8.5″ x 11″ printables to keep you on track for Thanksgiving.

It comes in a slightly different color theme that is easily combinable with the Christmas Planner so everything flows.


  • One Page Calendar (undated so you can use it again)
  • Two Page Calendar Spread (undated)
  • Agenda (breaks your day down hourly with a to-do list and notes section)
  • To-Do List Version 2

Meal & Party Planning:

  • Grocery List (with notes section)
  • Grocery List (separated out by recipe)
  • Baking Schedule
  • Cooking Schedule
  • Guest List (with spaces for RSVPs, number of children, and any dietary requirements)
  • Menus (two versions, depending on how many dishes you’ll be serving!)
  • Place Cards (one style, perfect for formal sit down meals, or labeling dishes in a buffet)
Thanksgiving Planner Printables

Clean Home Prep:

  • House Prep Checklist by Room (blank checklist to fill in as you need!)
  • House Prep Checklist by Day (blank checklist to fill in for the days leading up to Thanksgiving!)
  • Clean Home To-Do List (another style, if that’s easier for you!)

Additional Pages:

  • Gratitude List (to get started with gratitude journaling)
  • Notes Page (one style)
  • Intro Pages (to help give you an idea of how to use the printables!)



You CAN do this.

You CAN ditch the stress around the holidays.

You just need a plan, a binder, and a little organization.

Grab your Printable Holiday Planner today!

Christmas Planner Printables

Christmas Planner Printable
Holiday Planner Printable
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