9 Full Length Mirrors with Storage & Over the Door Mirrors To Help Reduce Clutter

How to get organized with full length mirrors with storage

Sometimes we accumulate so much stuff that we need to find creative places to store things. That’s where full length mirrors with storage really come in handy! I’ve found 11 super cool mirrors that can help you save space while also reducing clutter elsewhere!

This list also has over the door mirrors, both with and without storage. Because sometimes you just need to get the mirror off the floor, or don’t have wall space to mount it!

I love having an organized space, and I’m sure you do too! Let’s take a look at some of your options!

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I love finding unique storage systems, especially when it can be a piece of furniture that has more than one function or purpose.

With these mirrors, their primary function is…well…to be a mirror! They also have a secondary function of storage. The fact that it’s “hidden” storage helps us reduce clutter elsewhere. If you think something like this would help you stay organized and clear some clutter, then keep reading to take a look at the different mirror options!

Mirrors with storage

Full Length Mirror Cabinets

Full length mirror cabinets are a great way to reorganize and get some space freed up! A lot of the mirrors with storage in this list are designed perfectly for jewelry storage, and some have spots for makeup, too!

Imagine getting some of the clutter off the dresser tops and counters in your bathroom!

You can get as creative as you want with these options, you don’t HAVE to store just jewelry and makeup in them. While some will be very clearly for those purposes, I think some of these spaces could accommodate many other items.

The big point here is that it has to make sense for you! My biggest tip when reorganizing is to BE FLEXIBLE.

If you start with one idea, and it’s not working out as you go along, it’s okay to switch gears and try something else!

If you finish reorganizing and after a week or two it just isn’t working out for you, that’s okay, adjust as you go!

Personally, I give myself a minimum of two weeks with a new organization system before I give up on it or adjust it. The reason being, I want to account for time to get used to a new system or those slight changes in those routines.

Then, instead of overhauling things I make small changes as I go along. Maybe just swapping the placement of two things will be all I need to make it make sense for me. Maybe I will need to move around 5 or 6 things.

The point is: give yourself time to adjust, give yourself time to get used to new organization, and be a little flexible! Things usually come together at some point!

A note about clutter: I’m not saying jewelry and makeup are clutter in a bad way. I think a lot of times we hear the word clutter we immediately have negative thoughts and feelings. Yes, clutter can be a bad thing, and clutter can include things we no longer need. But when I think about decluttering, it doesn’t just mean getting rid of things! It can also mean finding a way to repurpose space, or to find a way to reorganize.

Decluttering and reorganizing go hand in hand, and I feel that more often than not, you don’t do one without the other! If you’re ready to really get down to business decluttering and organizing, you can check out my Decluttering Planner Ebook & Workbook here!

Let’s take a look at the mirrors!

This is one of the top rated mirror cabinets on Amazon. At the time of writing this article, it boasts 4.8 out of 5 stars with over 9,000 reviews!


Another great thing about this mirror is it comes in a few different colors, and it has two drawers to give you a little more storage options! It’s also equipped with LED lights that are battery operated (so you have freedom of where you put it – no outlet required!), and comes with hardware needed to mount it on the wall, or adjustable hooks to hang it over a door!

Seriously, so many benefits!

Check it out here! If you see a coupon for it, it’s a great time to get it!

Next up…

Here’s an option for a full length mirror with makeup storage. It’s perfect for both jewelry and makeup, and lockable like the last mirror we looked at. It also has three transparent boxes inside for storage. There are no drawers in this one, but it all depends on your needs and what/how much you plan to put in it! There are two different color options!


Check it out here!

Full Length Mirrors With Storage AND Lights

The first mirror we looked at did have some lights in it, but here are a few additional options!

I love this option because it has sleek lights inside that are battery operated (no nearby outlets needed!), and also has another smaller mirror on the interior. This way, you can keep your makeup and jewelry inside AND leave the mirror open while you try things on or apply makeup!

Like many of the options on this list, it is lockable. It also has four small drawers at the bottom, and also comes with a removable travel pouch!


It also comes in two color options, brown and white. Check it out here!

This option is a free standing mirror, so you will need some floor space for it.

I love the drawer at the bottom for extra storage, and you can tilt the mirror so it’s not always at the same angle! It also has an interior mirror and battery operated lights.


Check it out on Amazon!

This option is similar to the one above, in that it offers a larger drawer for storage at the base of the mirror.

It also comes with an additional mirror inside, as well as lights!


Check it out here!

I love the look of this mirror that has kind of a triangular shape to it with some shelves on the back. Depending on where you put this mirror, you can use those shelves for decorative pieces like little vases or picture frames, or it could be storage for something like makeup bags, travel cases, etc.


Check it out here!

Over the Door Mirrors With Storage

If you don’t have floor space for a free standing mirror, an over the door mirror can be the perfect solution!

These types of mirrors come with long, flat door hooks that hang over the top of the door, similar to a hook you’d hang a decorative wreath on.

You can get regular mirrors like this, or you can get over the door mirrors that have storage similar to the ones we’ve already seen!

Let’s take a look at a few of these options that have hidden storage!f

This option can be hung over a door or mounted on a wall, whichever you prefer! It comes with shelves and designated spaces to hold your jewelry. I love the detail at the top with the little scalloped design!


Check it out here!

Our next over the door option also can be mounted to a wall, and this one comes with a lock and keys so you can lock the storage portion of the mirror while you are away!


This mirror is also magnetic, so if you have little keepsake magnets or reminders you’d like to put on the mirror, you absolutely can! PS – check out these super pretty magnets for your new mirror (or your fridge!).

Another thing about this mirror that makes it different from the others – it has two rings on the outside of the mirror perfect for hanging scarves, travel bags, or really anything else you can think of!

Check it out on Amazon!

Our last option can hang over a door or be mounted, comes with a lock and keys, and also has a few LED lights to light up the inside so you can see your items better no matter what time of day.

I love the wood look of this mirror, and along with jewelry slots and shelves, it has two small drawers at the bottom!

Check it out here!

If you need extra storage space, a mirror with storage is a great piece of furniture to add to your home! It can reduce clutter on countertops and dressers, and can help keep you organized.

Plus, while you’re setting up your mirror and putting things in for the first time, you may find that you can get rid of some things you no longer like, need, tarnished items, earrings without matches, etc!

Tips for Choosing a Full Length Mirror With Hidden Storage

Here are a few tips to help you choose which mirror is best for you!

Tip #1: Choose where you want to put the mirror

Will it go in the bedroom, a hallway, over the door in the bathroom? This is a pretty simple first step!

Tip #2: Choose the right size and mounting option

Make sure you measure your space and get the right size mirror!

It would be really inconvenient if you buy something that is too wide and then you won’t be able to open a drawer or door all the way.

If you don’t feel comfortable mounting something to the wall, make sure to buy a free standing mirror or an over the door mirror! A free standing or over the door mirror would also be really helpful if you’d like flexibility on where to put the mirror.

Tip #3: Choose a color

This is maybe one of the more fun parts of picking out furniture! Pick a color you’ll enjoy seeing in the room every day and that goes with your current furniture styles and colors (or one that stands out if you want a contrast!).

Tip #4: Decide which features are most important to you

Do you want to make sure that you have locking options with your mirror? As shown above, there are quite a few options where the mirror is able to be locked so you can rest assured while you’re away everything will be safe in the mirror.

Do you want lights inside the mirror, or a second mirror within the mirror? There are a few mentioned above that have battery operated lights inside to help illuminate your items. There are also some with a smaller mirror so you can apply makeup and put on jewelry, then close the mirror and see the full length view of your outfit.

Do you need just jewelry storage? Would you like shelves and drawers?

These are just a few things to consider when it comes to common features with storage mirrors!

Tip #5: Go through everything you plan to put in the mirror’s storage areas

Either before or after getting one of these mirrors, go through all of your jewelry and makeup (or whatever you will store in this mirror, but for this example we’ll stick with jewelry and makeup).

Get rid of earrings missing a pair, makeup that is old or expired (check out this article from Healthline to help determine how long your makeup is good for), anything that no longer fits your style, etc.

Doing this BEFORE you get one of the mirrors can help you decide how much storage space you need inside. For example, some of the mirrors come with 120 earring slots, but maybe you don’t have that many earrings. Some come with 60 ring slots, but maybe you’d rather have the option with 78 because rings are your jam and part of your signature style.

Maybe you don’t use as much jewelry, but you’d really like more little shelves and drawers for makeup. These are all great things to know ahead of time and consider BEFORE you buy a mirror with storage.

If you want to wait and declutter AFTER you buy the mirror, that’s great too! Personally, I’d declutter before, and then be open to getting rid of a few things while I’m putting things into the mirror!

Speaking of decluttering…

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