Gifts for murder mystery lovers

27 Unique Gifts for True Crime Fans

Gifts for True Crime Lovers

If you’re looking for gifts for true crime fans, you’ve come to the right place! As a true crime fanatic myself, I can tell you this list will have a great variety of items any true crime lover will, well, love!

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why people get so addicted to crime shows like Dateline and the many Netflix documentaries that come out.

Then there are the podcasts. Oh the podcasts! There are so many, and the stories are told in such an intriguing way, with all the different kinds of commentary you’re looking for.

I totally understand the appeal. I fall into it too.

If you get it, you get it.

If you don’t, that’s okay and this list will help point you in the right direction when you’re looking for gifts for true crime fans!

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Best Gifts for True Crime Fans

So, what are the best gifts for true crime fans? I’ll go over all the options (over 27 different ideas, in fact!).

The true crime lover in your life will surely appreciate something from this list, whether it be a game or an awesome calendar, or the many different options between!

Keep on reading for the best ideas for true crime gifts!

Murder Mystery & True Crime Games

Okay, so when your true crime fanatic has exhausted all of the Netflix documentaries, the ID channel is playing only things they’ve already seen, what next?

Well, they can play a game focused around murder mysteries and true crime! Check out these super fun options for some fun game options!

Hunt A Killer

I love Hunt A Killer so much. In fact, I wrote an entire Hunt A Killer review because I love it THAT much, and that’s why it’s #1 on this list, and in my opinion one of the best gifts for true crime fans!

They offer different types of games, from your traditional murder mystery to more supernatural, and even some sci-fi themed storylines.

My husband got this for me for Valentine’s Day one year, and it was honestly one of my most favorite gifts I’ve ever received. It has brought so much fun to us, and it really is unique twist on a date night at home!

There are also different options as far as how you buy the games. You can join the subscription, or you can buy all the boxes in a story up front. It’s totally up to you! If you go the subscription route, you can pause it any time. You also don’t have to wait an entire month for the next box!

Once you finish a box, you can go online and ask them to send the next one right away (we did this once after our first box because we had so much fun).

I also love that it comes with so many cool, different pieces to play the game with. In our first box we received a map of the town the murder took place in, a letter from a detective on the scene, autopsy reports, witness statements, etc. Honestly, it’s so much fun to play.

Another great thing is that when you finish a box, you check in online and choose one suspect you feel confident you can eliminate. This is especially helpful so you stay on track – you won’t get to the end and find out the killer is someone you ruled out on day one!

Seriously, check out Hunt A Killer. You won’t regret it. Neither will your true crime fanatic.

Buy Hunt A Killer Here


Exit The Game: Murder On the Orient Express

This escape room in a box game has a great storyline! There has been a murder on the train, and you need to solve it before the train reaches it’s destination and the murderer escapes!


Unsolved Case Files Game

With the Unsolved Case Files game, you are playing as a cold case detective to solve a mystery. You’ll receive somewhere around 50 pieces of “evidence” that relates to the case – including documents and photos.


You will also be going online and making sure you’re on track with the case before moving on to the next step, so it’s really nice that you don’t have to get to the end only to find out you are WAY off.

It’s really highly rated on Amazon!

Mysterium Board Game

Mysterium brings a bit of murder mystery along with some supernatural elements.


It has definite Clue vibes, but the difference in this game is that you are not playing against each other. Everyone is on the same team, so the whole group wins or loses together, rather than having one clear winner. I like that aspect of this game, it’s a nice twist to have!

Criminal Mind Puzzles

Try to solve these puzzles while playing brain games! The Criminal Mind Puzzles brain games will definitely keep someone occupied in their spare time.


True Crime Activity Book for Adults

With the True Crime Activity Book for Adults, your favorite true crime lover will be able to complete activities and puzzles, and they can discover new podcasts and books as well!


The Killer Trivia Game

The Killer Trivia Game is a trivia card game all about murders and famous scandals.

It’s not just about answering questions, though! You can also use jury cards, cross-examinations, objections, and more! It adds a fun twist instead of simply playing a question and answer game!


Serial Killers: Adult Coloring Book

There are 37 different serial killers in this coloring book for your favorite crime junkie to color and show their creative side!


Don’t forget to grab them a set of colored pencils to go with it!

Murder Mystery Party: A Taste for Wine and Murder

Your true crime aficionado will have a wonderful time inviting their friends over to all be characters in this Murder Mystery Party!

There are 8 characters total, and the kit includes invitations and a special party planning booklet!


If your favorite true crime fan is also a fan of The Office, this will definitely be a double whammy gift and remind them of the time Michael made everyone play a similar game to solve a murder.

Honestly, that episode probably comes in on my top 5 favorite episodes.

Serial Killers Playing Cards

Let your crime fan play whatever game they want with this Serial Killers deck of cards.


Stupid Deaths Board Game

Maybe it’s not just about murders and mysteries, but a true crime fan will still love the Stupid Deaths board game!

Be the first one to reach the end of the game board, or be the last one standing after the grim reaper has captured all your opponents…and while reading about stupid deaths and trying to determine if it’s true or fake!


Get it on Amazon!

Clothes & Accessories for True Crime Fans

Sometimes, we want to broadcast our love for true crime. Sometimes we might rather have more subtle displays of affection for the genre. Either way, here are some really great options for clothes and accessory gift ideas!

If your favorite true crime fan listens to the My Favorite Murder podcast, they’ll appreciate the next couple gifts.

Even if they don’t listen to it, they’ll probably love the sentiment – but listeners of the podcast will appreciate it on a different level.

Lock Your Door Keychain

This Lock Your F*cking Door keychain will surely make them laugh, and it’s also a really great reminder.


Check it out on Amazon!

Honestly, I think this would be the perfect gift for anyone who watches their fair share of crime shows and listens to the podcasts.

Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered bracelet


I mean, it is the perfect reminder for the ones you love, right? What a great way to remind them to stay sexy and safe!

If someone wants tot be a little more quiet about it, you can get this more subtle version:


And last, but not least for this section, this SSDGM pop socket:


You can never have too many reminders to stay sexy and not get murdered!

Tacos & True Crime T-shirt

This Tacos and True Crime t-shirt, because who doesn’t love both? Now professing our love for tacos and true crime can be easy.


I mean, if you’re not cozying in with tacos and a true crime doc, are you REALLY a true crime fan living your best life?

Dogs, Wine and True Crime t-shirt

This t-shirt really speaks to me, right down to my core.


My dogs are my fur babies and I love to curl up on the couch with them and a good show – no matter what kind of show that is. I’m sure your true crime loving dog owner feels the same!

And, lets be real, while your friend is cuddling their dog and wearing this t-shirt, their fur baby can also be wearing this I’d Rather Be Watching Criminal Minds bandana. I mean come on, it couldn’t be a more perfect set up!

Head over to this post if you’re looking for more Gifts for Dog Lovers!

Fueled by Coffee & True Crime t-shirt

And we can’t forget the true crime fans who are also coffee lovers, so check out this shirt too!


Murder Shows and Comfy Clothes sweatshirt from Etsy.

Photo Credit: Walking Steam shop on Etsy

It also comes in quite a few different colors!

Crime Scene Tape Bookmark

A lot of true crime fans like to read, especially true crime books! Grab this bookmark for them and they’ll think of you every time they’re reading!

The For Real Serial Etsy Shop has a lot more than just the bookmark! This whole shop is dedicated to gifts and keepsakes for crime lovers and those with a more dark sense of humor!

Christmas Gifts for True Crime Fans

Honestly, any of the gifts on this list will be perfect Christmas gifts for true crime fans, but here are a few that are a little more Christmas and holiday themed!

True Crime Ornaments

Photo Credit: Dewdrops Dandelions US Etsy Shop

With options like “I’m Basically A Detective,” “Mistletoe, Hot Cocoa & Crime Shows,” “Ho Ho Homicide” and “Let’s Talk About Serial Killers,” all of the true crime interests are covered with these ornaments!

Honestly, what could be a more perfect Christmas gift for true crime fans?

True Crime & Chill Scented Candles

Photo Credit: Valkyrie Candle Etsy Shop

These are so cute and perfect for those candlelit true crime show nights. You can also choose from a variety of scents, so it’ll be even more of a perfect gift!

Crime Scene Glass Ornament

Photo Credit: Mellow Meditations Etsy Shop

Grab this taped off this crime scene ornament where clearly some stuff went down!

Check it out on Etsy

Calendar of Cults

This is a great option around Christmas because the true crime fan in your life will be all set up for the following year!

Photo Credit: Dead Meat Design Etsy Shop

The Calendar of Cults is an A5 sized calendar that highlights a different cult leader each month (with an illustrated picture) along with facts about the cult.

Whoever you give this gift to will be thankful for it all year long!

Home Decor Gifts for Crime Lovers

Let your true crime fanatic spruce up their home a little bit with these super cute, and funny, additions!

Throw Pillow Showcasing Their Favorite Talking Point

Photo Credit: 9th And Peach Etsy Shop

Here’s another one that speaks to me! I’m pretty introverted, but strike up a conversation with me about the latest Dateline or Netflix documentary and we’ll be chatting for hours!

I remember meeting a group of new people, and I was sitting pretty quietly until someone brought up a conversation about one of the latest true crime documentaries on Netflix. If your true crime lover is anything like this, they will appreciate this pillow.

Unexpected Visitors Are Sketchy Doormat

This doormat is honestly what all true crime fanatics are thinking: Crime Shows Have Taught Me Unexpected Visitors Are Sketchy.

Photo Credit: Urban Owl Home Etsy Shop

If you have friends that show up unexpectedly and whenever they want, this might also deter them from doing that! *Adds to cart*

Murder Mystery Gift Ideas

So what is the obsession with true crime? This article from Mental Floss gives us plenty of reasons why, but my favorites are:

It helps us feel prepared. This is so true! At first I was totally creeped out, but had to keep watching. Now I feel less creeped out and scared, and definitely more prepared of things to look out for.

My other favorite reason is because we’re trying to solve the mystery. I have always been the type of person that likes to do puzzles and solve things (but I don’t like to sit down with a jigsaw puzzle, those are just not my jam).

Check out the full article, 12 Reasons We Love True Crime, According To the Experts.

Best Gifts for True Crime Lovers

Like the article above shows, we tend to be so fascinated by these crazy true stories. It’s easy to understand why people can become so fascinated and then get into the true crime lover phase of life.

I mean, years ago, I would have never considered sitting down to a Dateline marathon. But, here we are today, and I’m happy I’m able to help you find a gift for true crime fans!

Whether you’re looking for an epic birthday or Christmas gift for true crime lovers, I hope you found what you’re looking for here – or at least plenty of inspiration!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite true crime gifts are!

gifts for true crime lovers
gifts for true crime fans

Best Gifts for True Crime Fans

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