30 Day Challenges Ideas

30 Day Challenge Ideas To Try This Year! {Plus FREE Printables!}

30 Days Challenge Ideas

What better way to get into a new habit than to try out a 30 day challenge?  Whether it’s something to try in the new year, or something you want to start ANY time during the year, this list of 30 day challenges has you covered in a few different areas!

You’ll find this list has different ideas for 30 day challenges, and some of them I’ve put an additional list of ideas of things you can do over the 30 days to accomplish that.  You’ll also find a packet of printables to keep you on track with some of the challenges!

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30 Day Challenges Ideas

How long does it take to form a habit?

I used to always think it took 21 days to form a habit, or to break a habit.  But, did you know that isn’t necessarily true? This was news to me!

According to this article from Healthline, the 21 days to form a habit is a myth!  The article also states that it can take anywhere from 18-254 days to form a habit – but don’t let that discourage you!

That’s quite a big range, and different personalities will form habits differently.  Some people may be on the shorter end of that range, and some may be on the longer end.  It’s really a fascinating read, check it out here

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get on to the different 30 day challenges you can try out this year!


30 Day Health Challenge Ideas

I’m going to start this section off by saying that I am not a health or fitness expert, and you should always consult your doctor or physician before starting any workout or diet regimen.  

This is why these challenges aren’t going to be the traditional challenges you see around the internet – I am not going to tell you how many squats or crunches to do per day, as I am not qualified to do so!  

And, from research I’ve done in the past, it seems the jury is still out on the effectiveness of something like a 30 day squat challenge, due to adding more and more reps, and form may not be great and could cause injury.

However, these challenges will be in the form of habit trackers in the printables!

A Challenge To Help You Drink Enough Water

A lot of people don’t get enough water.  We often replace it with coffee, soda, sugary juices, or simply don’t drink enough fluids in general!  

It’s important to stay hydrated, but how much water should you be drinking per day?  The rule of thumb that has been widely accepted is 8 glasses of water per day.  However, that can vary based on your activity level (if you are very physically active, or pregnant, you may need more water per day).  

This article from Mayo Clinic is super helpful for a place to start when deciding how much water to drink per day! 

The water habit tracker printable, called “30 Days of Hydration” has 30 glasses on the sheet.  You can write your goal at the top (i.e. 64 ounces per day, 8 glasses per day, etc.) and then fill in or cross off a glass every day you’ve achieved your goal!

If you’re looking for a new water bottle, this Embrava water bottle is my absolute favorite!


I love it because it has the measurements of how much it holds (32oz or 1,000ml), and it secures shut so nicely, I have never had an issue with it leaking!

Seriously, its one of my favorite Christmas gifts my husband has ever gotten me (and then I turned around and got him one for his birthday too!). Check it out on Amazon.

Can You Go Caffeine-Free for 30 Days?

Maybe you want to cut back on soda or coffee, maybe you want to completely cut it out of your lifestyle.  With this habit tracker, you can pick a goal and either slowly cut back until you’re not having any, or you can go cold turkey.  Whichever you prefer!

You can also track your mood (crabby?  No change at all?) and any physical symptoms (like, are you sluggish?  Jittery?  More energy?).  You can also write in notes.

*NOTE* There are 23 lines on this sheet, so you will need to print out two pages to get to 30 days!

Check out this article from Healthline with the positives and negatives to caffeine and coffee!

30 days challenge ideas

30 Day No Sugar Challenge

I have probably the BIGGEST sweet tooth.  Seriously, I’ve only met one or two people that can rival my sugar obsession.

However, I know that sugar has negative effects on our health, no matter how good it tastes. 

Check out this article from Healthline (can you tell I love that site?!) about why too much sugar is bad for your health.  Then, grab your 30 Day No Sugar Challenge printable to keep track of your daily sugar intake for 30 days and see how you feel when you’ve toned it down to have less – or literally no sugar!

*NOTE* There are 23 lines on this sheet, so you will need to print out two pages to get to 30 days!

30 Day Step Challenge

We often hear people trying to target 10,000 steps per day.  Where did that number come from?

I’ve learned there is no magic number for steps per day that you need to take, because it varies from person to person, based on our different lifestyles.  

For example, some people have more active jobs, requiring them to walk more around work – they will naturally do more steps in a day than someone who spends more time at their desk. 

People who walk or bike to work will naturally take more steps than someone who drives to work.

So, keep in mind you don’t necessarily have to aim for 10,000 steps in a day – but you should aim to take more steps (in other words, move more) than you currently do.

Check out this article from Fitbit to help you determine how many steps per day you should make as your goal!

How do you track your steps? Using things like an Apple Watch or Fitbit definitely help.

I love the Fitbit Alta HR, as it’s able to track my sleep and heart rate as well. I also bought this cute little case for when I want to wear it on my waistband instead of my wrist!

On this printable, you’ll write in your goal of how many steps you’d like to go for each day, and then you can log each day’s steps!

Total side note: this is my absolute favorite sports bra! I even wrote a review of the SheFit sports bra!

More 30 Day Fitness Challenge Ideas

While these ideas do not have their own specific sheets, you could also use the included generic habit tracker to track things like…

  • A workout every(ish) day – make sure you’re taking rest days!
  • Meal planning – you could fill in each day that you have made a meal plan and stuck to it.
  • No fast food – cross off each day that you go without stopping for fast food!  You could combine this with the meal planning as well!
  • Stretching every day.
  • Walking challenge – this could be the same as your step challenge, or you can cross off each day that you go for a brisk walk!

Really, the habit tracker can be used to track anything you’d like to make a habit, or to track breaking a habit!


More 30 Day Challenge Ideas

Let’s talk about some options of 30 day challenge ideas that are not necessarily related to our physical health or fitness.  A lot of these ideas could help your mental health, because some are intended to help reduce stress and take care of yourself!

And, a quick note – if you want to save on printing (both saving on your paper and ink!) you can print out just one of each sheet, and put them in a dry erase pocket like these! I use these for anything I can possibly think of!


30 Day Self Care Challenge

Self care is so important to both our mental and physical health!

I know how it feels to be someone who likes to help everyone at every possible chance I get. 

However, when we do that without taking care of ourselves, we are letting ourselves deteriorate to some degree, and we won’t be able to serve ourselves or others!

It’s hard to help others when you aren’t helping yourself.  If you’re running on an empty tank (emotionally, or physically), you won’t be able to give much to those around you. 

I think once you take a little time each day to focus on yourself, you’ll find you are feeling more recharged!

Here are some ideas for a 30 Day Self Care Challenge.  They’re in this order on the printable, and you’ll also receive a blank calendar so you can rearrange things as needed. 

Or, you can use the calendar as is, and jump around from day 1 to day 9, or however makes sense for you.  The most important thing is that you do one of these things per day!

  1. Take a bath
  2. Meditate 

    There are tons of free youtube videos and podcasts that guide you in meditation!
  3. Give yourself a mani/pedi
  4. Hair mask
  5. Face mask
  6. Massage

    If you can’t go out to get one because of social distancing (or, because time and money), check out a massager you can use at home like this one!
  7. Take a long walk or do some physical activity that makes you happy
  8. Make time to read!

    Choose an amount of time you want to dedicate to reading, and set a timer and go for it! Or, try audiobooks!
  9. Work on a craft you love
  10. Make a vision board
  11. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes, grab a piece of paper, and just do a brain dump and write out your thoughts.

    This is a concept I’ve learned from a book called The Artist’s Way.  You don’t have to be an artist to go through this book!  
  12. Let yourself take a nap!
  13. Start a journal

    Get yourself a beautiful new journal, like one of these!
  14. Put on your favorite song and just dance
  15. Set a time limit and do not use social media for that timeframe.

    Social media isn’t always good for our mental health!  Sometimes we need to disconnect from it to help ourselves feel good!  

    Check out these 6 Ways Social Media Affects Our Mental Health
  16. Listen to a sleep story before bed

    There are quite a few podcasts that read comforting bedtime stories to help you fall asleep.  There are also sleep meditation podcasts. 

    If I’m ever having a hard time sleeping, or have a racing mind, I put on one of these before bed!  I usually fall asleep quicker!
  17. Call a friend or family member for a chat
  18. Try out yoga.  If you already do yoga, make time to do a little extra today or a new routine!
  19. Write down 3 things you are thankful for and why.

    You can pick any three things!  If you’re having a hard time, try to pick one person, one place, or one thing!

    Don’t feel like you have to stop at 3!  It’s a great practice to write out what we’re grateful for, so keep on going as long as you’d like to!
  20. Put on your favorite TV show or movie that makes you laugh

    I have a ton of shows I love to watch when I need a good laugh. 

    The top of my list includes The Office, Parks & Rec, New Girl, Schitts Creek, and The Good Place

    Any one of these can seriously lift my mood just after watching a few episodes!
  21. Go to bed early
  22. Sleep in late
  23. Plan a trip

    You don’t have to book it, but sometimes planning a vacation will energize you and make you feel good.  Plus, it’s always great to have goals, and you might want to use this for goal planning.
  24. Map out a goal

    Goal planning can be invigorating!  Grab something off your vision board and plan out how you can achieve it!  

    While it is easier to start with something small, you can take a big goal and keep breaking it down more and more into smaller goals that will help you get there.
  25. Treat yourself to your favorite meal and/or dessert

    I mean, what could be better than your favorite meal?  Your favorite dessert?  OR BOTH?!  Just go for it!
  26. Write down 10 things you love about yourself

    What could be better for self care than reminding yourself what you love about YOU!  
  27. Color

    Seriously, there is something so therapeutic about coloring.  Check out some of these amazing adult coloring books.
  28. Take 5-10 minutes to just stretch

    Stretching feels sooo good!  Sometimes we just don’t feel like doing it, but once you get started there are times you don’t want to stop!

    I love foam rolling while I’m stretching, too!
  29. Watch your favorite movie from your childhood

    For me, it’s The Wizard of Oz.  I love getting cozy with a blanket and watching this childhood favorite.  It brings back wonderful memories and it’s just so enjoyable, even as an adult!
  30. Write out your bucket list.
30 day challenge ideas

30 Day Reading Challenge

I did this crazy thing in 2020 and decided I was going to read 52 books.  Yes, I committed myself to 1 book per week.  As I’m writing this, 2020 isn’t over yet, but I need to read an average of 2 books per week at this point to reach my goal, because I fell behind!

I’m telling you this, because had I been using a habit tracker and holding myself accountable tot something like that, I might not have ever fallen behind!  So, that’s where I decided that a 30 day reading challenge could help with these kinds of goals.

No, I’m not saying you have to read 52 books this year for this challenge, quite the opposite!

This is just an example to show how a habit tracker could have helped!  If I had used a habit tracker to set a goal for myself to read 30 minutes per day, I might have been much more successful! 

When it comes to reading, it doesn’t even have to be in a block of time like that! 

I could say I want to read 30 minutes per day, and if that means I read for 10 minutes when I wake up in the morning, 10 minutes sometime throughout the day, and 10 minutes before bed, then I’ve reached my 30 minutes for the day and can cross it off!

Anyway, back to the 30 day reading challenge!

There are two ways you can do this challenge!

First, you can use the habit tracker printable in this and set a goal for yourself of how much you want to read every day for 30 days.  You can set this goal as how many chapters, how many pages, or for how long you’d like to read each day (i.e. 30 minutes per day).  Write in your goal at the top, and then fill in one side of a book each day you accomplish your goal!

Another way you can do the 30 Day Reading Challenge is if you don’t want to read books, but want to get more informed on things in general, you can fill in each day a type of article you’d like to read! 

Both types of printable will be available for you to download!  

Also, it’s totally up to you if you want to physically read, or listen to audiobooks, or do a combination of the two! My favorite place to listen to audiobooks is through Audible!

This will be a sort of cross between reading something every day, and learning something new!

  1. A local news article
  2. Read an article about a place you want to visit
  3. Read about a religion you aren’t familiar with
  4. Read something about nature
  5. Start a book you’ve been meaning to check out for a while
  6. Spend 10 minutes looking up and reading motivational and inspirational quotes.  Here are a few of my favorites!

    “When something is important enough, you do it even when the odds are not in your favor.” – Elon Musk

    “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disne

    “Only I can change my life.  No one can do it for me.” -Carol Burnett

    “We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.” -Maya Angelou 

    I love going to Brainy Quote and picking a topic and spending a little time reading the quotes in that topic!
  7. Read an article about new technology
  8. Read about something from this day in history (just google this day in history)
  9. State news article
  10. Read about how to improve relationships

    This can be with a partner, spouse, family member, coworker, friend, etc.  We always need to keep improving our relationships!
  11. Read something about an ancient culture
  12. Read something about the ocean/deep sea
  13. National news
  14. Read and learn something new about your favorite animal
  15. Read about budgeting and finances
  16. Read a short story

    Here’s a list of 18 short stories you can read online
  17. Read about someone that inspires you

    You might have found someone that inspires you from the quotes on day 6!
  18. World event
  19. Travel magazine or website about your favorite place you’ve visited.
  20. Read about something historical that happened on your birthday 
  21. Read and learn something new about a wild animal

    I personally think elephants are SUPER cool.
  22. Choose a self-improvement book and read it for 10 minutes today
  23. Read about a new craft or hobby you’d like to start, but have been too afraid to try out
  24. Read something about space/astronomy
  25. Read an interview done with a famous entrepreneur

    Here are some examples of people i love to read about because I find them so inspiring!

    Mark Cuban, Sophia Amoruso, John Paul DeJorio
  26. Read about a topic you’ve always wondered about, but haven’t had a chance to learn yet.
  27. Read about a country you aren’t familiar with
  28. Read about an area of your life you’d like to improve:

    You can look up topics like:
    Optimism and Positive Thinking
    Motivation & Taking Action
  29. Read about a president you don’t know much about
  30. Read about mindfulness

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

For the 30 day grateful challenge (also known as a 30 day thankfulness challenge), grab your printable calendar and a notebook, and use the prompts to fill in someone or something you are grateful for each day!

Bonus Idea: In your notebook, instead of just writing down someone’s name or a thing, write down why you are grateful for that person, thing, experience, etc!  Or write down something you are grateful for about that thing. 

Bonus Idea #2: Take a picture of things you are grateful for, whenever possible!  You could make a scrapbook or print out the pictures and put them in your notebook or journal along with a few sentences on why you are grateful for that person or thing!

Bonus Idea #3: Get a specific gratitude journal, and then mark off on your habit tracker for each day you used it! Check out these gratitude journals!

  1. Family member(s)
  2. Friend
  3. Coworker
  4. Memory
  5. Place you’ve visited
  6. Pet, past or present
  7. Show that always makes you feel good
  8. Something in nature 
  9. Something about your job
  10. A childhood friend
  11. A teacher you’ve had
  12. Family member(s)
  13. A childhood memory
  14. A goal you’re grateful for – whether already achieved or something you’re grateful to be working toward 
  15. Favorite song
  16. Favorite movie
  17. An item you are grateful for
  18. Favorite food or comfort food
  19. What made you smile today?
  20. What made you laugh today?
  21. A time a stranger showed you a random act of kindness
  22. A local business you’re grateful for
  23. A material item you feel lucky to have
  24. What is a talent you have that makes you happy?
  25. What physical activity makes you happy and feel good?
  26. Your favorite space in your home
  27. Something cool you learned today
  28. Something you like about your job
  29. Gift you’ve received & why
  30. Gift you’ve given & why, how did the person look/feel when they opened it?

30 Day Journaling Challenge

You can set this up any way you’d like – as a habit tracker, or I’ve also made journaling prompts to help you!

If you choose to do it as a habit tracker, print out that page and keep it with your journal to make sure you stay on track with journaling every day.  Put your goal at the top to indicate how long you’d like to journal every day. 

You can even say you’d like to journal for 10 minutes in the morning, to start your day off right.  Or you can choose to journal for 10 minutes in the evening to reflect on your day. 

OR, you can just say you want to journal daily.  Period.

When I was a kid, I had a diary, and I never knew what to write in it unless something exciting happened to me that day. 

So, here are journal prompts (you’ll find them in the printable, too!) to help you out on days you feel stuck!

Write about…

  1. The weather today
  2. How you felt this morning vs how you felt this evening
  3. Someone that made you smile today
  4. Someone YOU made smile today
  5. An act of kindness you were the recipient of today.
  6. A point you felt stressed o frustrated, and something good that came from it.
  7. Something you are looking forward to in the future.
  8. Your favorite movie, and why you love it so much, and what it means to you.
  9. What song really speaks to your feelings today?  Write about it, and include a lyric that really stands out to you!
  10. Today, just do a brain dump!  Write about anything on your mind as it comes to you.  Start the page off by writing “brain dump” (or something similar) so if you ever look back at it, you don’t have to wonder what it all means!  It’s okay if this seems incoherent!
  11. If you could describe your day today as a color, what color would it be and why?
  12. What are 3 people or things you are grateful for today?  Why?
  13. An act of kindness you did for someone else today.
  14. What happened at work today that really made you feel good?
  15. How are you feeling to be halfway done with your journaling every day, for 30 days challenge?  What would you do the same every day, and what would you do differently?
  16. What is a long-term goal you are working toward?
  17. Write about a hobby you enjoy doing, how it makes you feel, and why you like it so much.
  18. What are 3 ways you can de-stress after a long day?  How do those things help you?
  19. What was the last book you read?  Write about what you liked and didn’t like about it, and how you would change the ending!
  20. Who was a teacher in your life that really inspired you?
  21. What does your dream vacation look like?  Where would you go and what would you do?
  22. If you could learn any other profession, what would you choose?
  23. Who is a childhood friend you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while?  What are some of the super fun memories you have of that person?
  24. If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?  You can’t wish for more wishes!
  25. If you could learn any new skill or hobby, what would it be?  Why?
  26. What is a really, really good meal you’ve had recently?  What is your favorite meal?
  27. What is your favorite season, and why?
  28. Do another brain dump today!
  29. If you could pick one area of your life to improve on, what would it be?  What would you do to work on it?  Examples: confidence/self-esteem, productivity/procrastination, being on time more often, etc. 
  30. If you could volunteer with any kind of organization, what would it be?  Why?

30 Days of New Things

For this challenge, you can either try something new every day, or learn something new every day!  Or a combination of both! 

This can overlap a little with the 30 day reading challenge, so you may want to think about combining them in general!

You could also pick something on this list, and use a habit tracker to try something new within that smaller topic every day. 

For example, you might not want to try a new local restaurant every day – that will get expensive!  

But, if you want to work on learning a new language, you could make a goal to work on learning that language for a set amount of time every day for 30 days!  Or you could try to learn a new word each day.

I’d also like to note when talking about taking a class, there are plenty of free, or inexpensive, resources online you can find to help you learn something new!

  1. Try a new food. 
  2. Do a new kind of workout

    Do you usually do yoga?  Try to find a free pilates video.  Do you usually cycle?  Try to go for a run! 

    I also love the app FitOn – there is a free and paid version.  I only use the free version and there are quite a few different workout options!  A lot are quick, too – in the 20 minute area.
  3. Read about a topic you don’t know much about.
  4. Try to find out a new fact about your favorite time in history or favorite historical person.
  5. Try a new local restaurant.

    Don’t go to a chain restaurant!  Try to find a new restaurant owned and operated by the people in your community – it’ll be great for small business, and you may just find your new favorite spot!
  6. Plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been, if you can’t book it yet make sure to start your savings plan!
  7. Learn a magic trick.
  8. Work on learning a new language.  Apps like DuoLingo are great for this!
  9. Volunteer.  If you already volunteer regularly, see if you can volunteer your time with a different type of group, even just once.  Do not give up volunteering somewhere you are passionate about!
  10. Try to learn a new instrument.  Or a new song on an instrument you already play.
  11. Watch a new documentary or an episode of a new TV show.
  12. Style your hair differently today!  If you’re as bad at doing different hairstyles as I am, this could be something simple like adding a braid, or even just using a headband. 
  13. Go for a drive to a new area
  14. Make your own bread, or some other pantry staple from scratch!
  15. Try your hand at cake or cupcake decorating.  I love cake decorating and my skills are very average, but I really love trying new things and making different designs!
  16. Learn a new type of dance.  There are tons of instructional videos out there for free!
  17. Take up a new crafty hobby.

    During quarantine, I learned how to crochet thanks to great YouTube videos designed for beginners – I made a blanket and a bag that my grandma can hang over her walker! 

    Other ideas could be scrapbooking, sewing, etc.  The options are endless and you can just look up “DIY” on Pinterest!
  18. Watch a movie from a genre you typically wouldn’t choose.
  19. Go for a walk on a hiking trail.  If you regularly hike, check out a new trail!
  20. Listen to a new kind of music.  Or find a new artist in your favorite music genre.
  21. Take a DIY art or painting class for free with YouTube videos!
  22. Start reading a book.  If you normally aren’t a reader, this is all you have to do!  If you are a reader, try something in a different genre or find a new author!
  23. Learn about something that happened today in history – all you have to do is Google “this day in history.”
  24. Learn something new about a religion you don’t know a lot about.
  25. Check out a museum.  Even if you’ve been to all the museums in your area already, make a special point to pay closer attention to exhibits you might usually pass by quickly!
  26. Go to the zoo and learn something new about your favorite animal, or learn something new about an animal you usually don’t read up on!
  27. Take a photography class and learn how to take better pictures!
  28. Try a new meal that is common in another state or country.
  29. Try a new dessert
  30. Learn a new word in your native language!

30 Day Kindness Challenge

Have you ever heard of RAOK?  It stands for Random Acts Of Kindness. 

Random acts of kindness don’t have to be huge – they can be just very simple things you do that will brighten someone’s day or help them even just a little. 

Here are some ideas for your 30 Days of Random Acts of Kindness Challenge!

  1. Hold the door for someone

    This super simple act can sometimes feel like it goes unnoticed, but have you ever been behind someone that held the door open for you, and you truly did feel grateful?  It’s so simple, only takes a few seconds, and is so easy to do!
  2. Pay for the person’s meal or coffee behind you in the drive thru

    This is a really cool one because oftentimes, the person behind you that got the free meal will pay for the person behind them, and who knows how many people will participate!
  3. Donate clothes you no longer wear to charity, a homeless shelter, or a women’s shelter.
  4. Participate in a coat drive. 

    I don’t know about where you live, but winters in my area get C-O-L-D.  There are often coat drives or hat and mitten drives (or both!).  You can donate a gently used old coat if it no longer fits, or buy a pair of mittens and a hat to donate!
  5. Go out of your way to make someone smile!  This could be telling a joke, or even simply smiling at them first!
  6. Donate pet supplies to a local humane society or rescue group.
  7. Call or text someone and tell them you were just thinking about a time you did something fun together.  It would really brighten their day!
  8. Find somewhere to volunteer nearby!

    Websites like Volunteer Match are very helpful in finding opportunities near you!
  9. Donate food items to a local pantry or shelter.
  10. Spend time reading to, playing cards with, or just spending general time with elderly in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.
  11. Post something cute on social media that will make people say “aww” and smile!
  12. See if there are any opportunities you can get involved with through Big Brothers Big Sisters in your area.
  13. Bring a treat to work for your coworkers.
  14. Compliment a friend.  It can be about something totally random, like, “Hey, ___ I really think it’s cool that you stay positive as much as possible.”
  15. Donate your old books to a library.  If you have children’s books, see if any schools are able to take them as donations.
  16. Send someone a card just to let them know you’re thinking of them!
  17. Spend time reading to, playing games with, or just visiting children at a children’s hospital.
  18. Leave a positive review for a local business you have been to.
  19. Post something funny on social media that will make people smile!
  20. Donate school supplies to students whose families may not be able to get them on their own.  Simply call a local school and ask if they are accepting donations for students!
  21. Participate in a toy drive for a children’s hospital.
  22. When you receive good customer service, make sure to tell the employee’s manager about it!
  23. Find the Amazon wishlist of a local charity, and make a donation that way.
  24. Go for a walk around your neighborhood with a garbage bag, and one of these handy grabber tools, and pick up any litter you find along the way.
  25. Sidewalk chalk art – make a beautiful picture or write an inspirational quote on the sidewalk in front of your home to inspire others as they walk by!  If it’s winter and there’s snow on the ground, find a cute way to decorate one of your windows to brighten someone’s day as they go by!
  26. Give someone your undivided attention.  Yes, that means put your phone down!  It shouldn’t even be in your hand!  While you’re at it, turn it upside down so you don’t get tempted to check notifications!
  27. Do yard work for a neighbor.  Shovel their snow, rake their leaves, etc.  Don’t invite yourself into their backyard!  One of my neighbors snow blows the sidewalk down the entire block, and even that amount of help is AMAZING and greatly appreciated by everyone!
  28. Offer to babysit for a sibling or friend so they can have a few hours kid-free.
  29. Post something positive on social media that will inspire people.
  30. Compliment a coworker.

30 Days of Decluttering

This is one of my most popular free items!  This will walk you through one thing or area of your home to declutter each day.  

Decluttering is so, so, SO helpful for so many reasons. 

First, it helps you be more organized, and that’s something I think we all could use a little more of at some points!

Second, seeing clutter around the house can really be stressful!  Decluttering will definitely take away some stress when you wake up the next day to a more clutter-free space!

If you want a more in-depth guide to decluttering, check out my Declutter Planner Ebook & Workbook.  It will walk you through the different steps of decluttering, and the different areas to declutter!

Otherwise, here are 30 things and areas in your home you can work on decluttering, one for each day!

  1. Purses, wallets, and backpacks
  2. Mail and paperwork
  3. Medicine cabinet and toiletries
  4. Makeup, makeup brushes, and old nail polish
  5. Junk drawer
  6. Old magazines and books
  7. Cars
  8. Bedroom closets
  9. Bedroom dresser
  10. Shoes
  11. Jewelry and hair accessories
  12. Sock drawer
  13. Craft and/or project areas and supplies
  14. Linen closet
  15. Nightstands
  16. Kids closets and dressers
  17. Refrigerator (toss expired food)
  18. Pantry (toss expired food)
  19. Cleaning supplies
  20. Basement
  21. Attic or other storage areas
  22. Coat closet
  23. Entryways and/or mud room
  24. Garage
  25. Office supplies
  26. Kids toys
  27. Pet toys and accessories
  28. Luggage and travel accessories
  29. Organize computer desktop
  30. Clean up and organize emails

30 Day Financial Challenge Ideas

We’ve talked about physical health, mental health, and so many other things so far with these 30 day challenges.  Now it’s time to talk about financial health!  

30 Day Savings Challenge

In the printables, you’ll find two different versions of a 30 day savings challenge.  One is to help you save $500 in 30 days, and one is blank and you can choose how much you want to save per day!

The best way I’ve found to do this is to each morning, simply transfer the specified amount into your savings account. 

If you’re using this to save up for something in particular, you can open a separate savings account just for what you plan to save for!

After you’ve transferred the amount for that day, cross off or fill in the corresponding spot on the challenge sheet.  

I like to get this done first thing in the morning so 1) I don’t forget, 2) I don’t find something else to spend the money on, or 3) I don’t talk myself out of doing it!

Don’t forget to fill out your reason why at the top!  It seriously helps to have that reminder every single day when you look at the sheet!

30 Day No Spend Challenge

For the 30 day no spend challenge, write down your goal and why you want to do this for 30 days. 

Are you looking to save money for something specific? 

Looking to pay off some debt? 

Just want to see if you can do it?  (Hint: You can)

There are TONS of reasons to do a no spend challenge, and knowing your own reasons why will help you stay motivated!

I also like to write in approximately how much money per visit I spend on this.  For example, if I spend $5 at Starbucks every few days, I’ll write down “$5 per visit.” 

This doesn’t have to be exact, but can be an estimate of how much you spend on average. 

You can choose just 1 thing, or multiple things.  It all depends on how ambitious you are and what you’re shooting for!

You need to make sure you aren’t setting yourself up for something that is just too difficult! 

Start with even just 1-3 things for 30 days. 

Write those in the goal section of your no spend habit tracker, and then each day you do NOT spend money on those things, mark it on the tracker!

Each day you do not spend money on that item, at the place specified, etc. cross it off on the No Spend Challenge sheet. 

After each set of 5 days, write in how much money you saved! 

At the end of the 30 days, total the saved money and you decide what to do with it – put it toward paying off a loan or debt, put it into savings, etc.

Final Notes

One last note about 30 day challenges…

I have often fallen into the trap of saying to myself, “That’s a great idea, I’ll start it on the 1st of next month,” or, “I’ll start this Monday!”  What do you think happened?

If you guessed that I never started, you’d be correct!

My best piece of advice is to start the 30 day challenges as soon as you feel inspired to do so.  If you wait a few days, a week, etc. you pretty quickly lose the ambition to do it!  

I hope these 30 day challenges inspire you to work on something that will truly change your mindset, and these things could even change your life if you put them into practice after the 30 days is up! 

I’m excited to hear about your favorite 30 day challenge you’ve ever done, how it went, and how it made you feel when you were finished!

And, sign up below to get all of the printables for FREE!


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