Do you need help with decluttering?

Do you come home from work every night to clutter all over?  And you just don’t have the time or the energy to deal with it.  

So you wake up the next morning to…

The same old clutter.  

Waking up to clutter just starts your day off with an undertone of stress – whether you’re consciously thinking about it or not.

So what do we do?  

We make a plan to declutter. We go through the decluttering. 

Maybe we get rid of a few things, maybe we make significant improvement, maybe we’ve reorganized.  

But then what?

It comes back.  Maybe it takes a little time, but it always seems to come back.

So how do we deal with clutter?  What is the best way to start decluttering?  

And, after we clear the clutter – how do we keep our homes clutter free?

Where to start decluttering – ALWAYS start with a plan!

The Ultimate Declutter Planner has you covered!  

The Ultimate Declutter Planner is your guide to everything about clearing the clutter!

You will get plenty of decluttering tips, along with a decluttering list to help you make sure you cover all the areas in your home!

Declutter Planner

Using the declutter planner, you will know everything you need to do to get the house decluttered.  

The ebook will help you understand how to declutter, why you need to declutter, and even how to deal with sentimental things (this has been a tough one for me to learn, but I have solutions for you!).

The workbook will help you lay everything out so you can make a plan.  It’s printable, so you’ll be able to adjust as needed.

The Ultimate Declutter Planner will give you step-by-step guidance for making a decluttering plan.  

It will help you plan out your time daily, weekly, and monthly.

It will help you form a plan that ACTUALLY works for you and your schedule.

Can you imagine how amazing that would be?  To have a plan that works long term?

Tips on how to declutter – what’s in the ebook

decluttering planner

Let’s dive into what’s in the ebook and what kind of tips on how to declutter you will get!


CHAPTER 1: Why we need to declutter

CHAPTER 2: How our homes get cluttered

CHAPTER 3: The sentimental side of things

CHAPTER 4: How to declutter

CHAPTER 5: Decluttering room by room

*This section includes decluttering the following areas:

Kitchen, dining room, living room & family room, bedrooms, bathrooms, home office, basement & attic, garage, cars, digital clutter and miscellaneous

CHAPTER 6: How to keep your home clutter-free

CHAPTER 7: How to use the worksheets

BONUS CHAPTER: How to make an easy pantry inventory

*This is based on my popular blog post with the same title, added as a bonus to the ebook so you have all your decluttering information in one place!

There can be a lot of obstacles on your road to a clutter-free home.

With the help of the ebook, you’ll be able to:

Understand that decluttering doesn’t always mean throwing things away!

Decide what “sentimental clutter” is, and get some helpful questions to guide you to make a decision on what you want to do with it.

Decide how you want to use the workbook pages to best enhance your decluttering – making it work with your schedule!

Decluttering Made Easy

declutter schedule

It’s hard to know where to start decluttering.  It can also be hard to find the motivation to declutter.

When you make a plan, sometimes you just don’t want to stick to it.  

That’s because your plan might have overwhelmed you even more, or maybe life got in the way and prevented it from happening.  

That’s where the workbook comes in!

Declutter Action Plan

A workflow worksheet to help you make a plan, including space to reflect and make notes. 

Goals Sheets

Two versions, to help you write a main goal and then break it down into big tasks and small tasks.  The second version helps you break a goal down into priority tasks, and other tasks.

Declutter List

All the areas and things discussed in chapter 5 of the ebook, in checklist format so you can easily check things off the list!  This also includes blank sheets so you can fill them in and customize however you’d like!

Daily Clean & Declutter

In the ebook, we talk about taking 10 minutes per day to do quick tasks to help maintain your hard work!  There are two different sheets here – a 10 minute, and a 5+5 minute sheet.  Both come with habit trackers and notes sections!

Daily Schedule / Agenda

When you want to get decluttering done, but have other commitments – this will help you plan out a day for 7am – 9pm, and includes a to-do list and notes area!

This Week

Offered in two different colors, this will help you plan out decluttering tasks across a week, with an area to write your organizing focus!

Monthly Focus Pages

One page for each month (two for February, in case of a leap year), contains a habit tracker, and questions to help you reflect on your decluttering goals and what you need to do to accomplish them!  Includes inspirational quotes, because we all need that sometimes 😉

Monthly Decluttering

5 things you can declutter each month!  It also comes with blank pages so you can customize however you’d like!

25 Things to Declutter Right Now

If you need a kick start to decluttering to get you motivated, start with this list!

10 Minute Cleaning Ideas

Ideas of things to add to your 10 minute daily cleaning and organizing!

Fix & Replace Lists

Two different versions, to help you organize what you need to fix and replace!

Items to Sell

Keep track of your items you want to sell, their condition, where you plan to list it, the price you want to list it for, and what it sold for!

Needs Organization

If you need to reorganize an area, but you don’t have the tools and materials to do so – this is the list you need!

Inventory List

We talk about these in the ebook, but there are two different versions of this for you to use!

Declutter Questions

Following up on what we discussed in chapter 3, this list is for you to print out and take around with you as you declutter!

Box Signs

As discussed many times in the book, these will help you stay organized WHILE decluttering!

30 Day Declutter Calendar

My most popular free printable – you may already have it – included here as a bonus, just in case you don’t have it yet!


declutter list

Imagine waking up to a space that doesn’t have clutter all over.

What do you think it would feel like to walk in the door after work and not have clutter all over the kitchen counters?

Think about how you’d feel so much more organized, and so much less stress because you have said goodbye to old clutter forming habits.

Those are some pretty awesome things!

Let’s get started in making that a reality!


If you’re looking for only the declutter workbook, you can click here to get JUST the workbook!

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