fall bucket list ideas

Fall Bucket List {50 Ideas for Things to Do in Fall}

Fall Bucket List Ideas

Get the Fall Season Off To the Right Start

Bucket lists are so popular nowadays. I feel like every couple of days I hear someone say something like “that’s on my bucket list!” So why not make a Fall Bucket List? Why not put a list of things to do this Fall all in one place? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with 50 ideas you can pick and choose from, or maybe some will inspire ideas that aren’t on this list, to add to your own Fall bucket list!

I don’t know about you, but for me Fall is a lot of things.

fall bucket list ideas

First (and probably the most obvious thing), it’s the end of Summer. I love Summer. I love the weather, the days being longer, and the seemingly endless opportunity for things to do.

But, Fall can be pretty darn cool too. It’s also a lot of people’s favorite season.

Second, Fall to me feels like the second shortest season, so it’s kind of the unofficial start to the holiday season.

And I love the holidays! Like seriously, I love Christmas.

But letting go of Summer can be hard to do. Which is why I decided to make a Fall bucket list. This way, I can go through the items and check them off and have a ready-made list of things to look forward to!

I’m obsessed with lists in general, it makes me feel so accomplished to put a check mark by something I’ve completed, whether it’s for fun or work!

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Ideas for your Fall Bucket List

50 Things To Do This Fall

Fall Bucket List for Social Distancing

If you’re checking this out in 2020, you might feel like you have limited options of things to do that go along with social distancing and being safe and healthy.

Social distancing doesn’t have to make Fall a total bummer! Given how things are going right now, I’ve gone through and starred (***) the activities that can be done for sure with social distancing in mind!

As for the other activities, you may want to check with local establishments to see their policies and safety procedures before adding it to your list!

If you’re looking to stay organized this holiday season, then you NEED to check out the Holiday Planning Printables!

Here’s the entire list, write down your favorites and create your own bucket list!

  1. Apple picking
  2. Pumpkin picking
  3. *** Carve and/or decorate those pumpkins! Check out this pumpkin carving kit and these stencils to get you started! You could also paint the pumpkins with acrylic paint!
  4. Go trick or treating (or hand out candy)
  5. *** Roast pumpkin seeds. Check out this guide if you don’t know how to do it.
  6. Go on a hay ride
  7. Visit a fall fair or harvest festival
  8. Go to a haunted house
  9. Host or attend a bonfire
  10. *** Take a scenic fall foliage drive
  11. Get lost in a corn maze
  12. *** Start a gratitude journal or jar.

    Are you new to gratitude journaling? Check out this awesome gratitude journal that will be a great designated place for you to jot down what you’re thankful for.
  13. *** Make s’mores
  14. Attend a costume party
  15. *** Go on a nature hike
  16. *** Make caramel apples
  17. *** Do a random act of kindness
  18. *** Have a scary movie night

    Don’t forget the popcorn! Why not try a new flavor with these yummy popcorn seasonings? I love anything white cheddar, so I recommend starting there!
  19. *** Read a good book

    I read The Woman In Cabin 10 a month ago, and I absolutely loved it and could NOT put it down! You can get it in paperback, on the Kindle, or check to see if you can get the audio version on Audible! (PS – If you try Audible, for a limited time you can get two free audiobooks just for trying it out! Click here to check it out!)
  20. *** Try a new recipe
  21. Visit a farmers market
  22. Volunteer
  23. *** Make leaf or pinecone art
  24. *** Drink warm apple cider
  25. *** Drink a pumpkin spice latte
  26. *** Start wearing those scarves!
  27. *** Rake leaves
  28. *** …and jump in a leaf pile!
  29. *** Drink hot cocoa
  30. *** Make fall crafts
  31. *** Make a pie
  32. Find a local chili cook off to attend
  33. *** Make a scarecrow
  34. *** Donate to a food bank or shelter
  35. *** Watch football
  36. *** Eat candy corn
  37. *** Have a family game night

    If you’re looking for an AWESOME game night idea and have older kids, a game night with friends, or a date night at home with your spouse, you HAVE to check out Hunt A Killer.

    Seriously. You have to.

    You can read my full Hunt A Killer review here, or you can purchase it here.
  38. *** Watch the World Series
  39. *** Pack away summer clothes, and this is a great time to give your house a serious decluttering!
  40. Go horseback riding
  41. *** Burn fall scented candles
  42. Go to a new movie (it doesn’t have to be a horror flick, see whatever you want when the weather starts to cool down!)
  43. Plan a girls day or night out
  44. *** Tell scary stories. Don’t want to make up a story? Grab a copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and leave the creepy story creation to someone else!
  45. *** Make DIY Halloween costumes
  46. *** Make a new playlist (I like to make a new playlist each season to listen to while I walk the dogs)
  47. *** Paint gourds (use acrylic paint!)
  48. Set up fall decor
  49. *** Bake something new
  50. *** Take pictures of leaves and trees. How cool would it be to take a picture of a tree starting when the leaves are green and document it every day as it changes colors and leaves fall off?!
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My Personal Fall Bucket List

With that said, here are a few highlights from the list that I’m personally excited for:

  • Carving pumpkins.
  • Hot chocolate.  I loooooooove hot chocolate. I love trying new brands of hot chocolate and new mixtures.
  • Warm apple cider.  That’s right.  In the debate of pumpkin spice or apple cider, I am without question in the apple cider camp.
  • Eating candy corn.  I’ve come to learn recently that not everyone loves candy corn.  While I think the candy corn haters are crazy, I happily accept you and any leftover candy corn someone gave you that you don’t want.
  • Watching the World Series.  I’m a baseball lover!
  • Bake something new.  I am lucky to have coworkers that love being test subjects of any new recipe I’m looking to try.

Make sure to grab your Holiday Planner Printables to keep yourself completely organized from Thanksgiving through Christmas!

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I’d love to hear what you love about fall and the things you love to do.  Leave me a comment with your favorite fall food, drinks, and activities! I can’t wait to hear all about them!

Things to do this Fall
Fall Bucket List Ideas

Things To Do In Fall

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