Windjammer Landing – St. Lucia Review

Windjammer Landing, St. Lucia

When planning our trip to St. Lucia, we had a hard time making a decision after looking at the beautiful hotels and resorts the island offers.  Keep reading this Windjammer Landing review for all the details!

We ultimately chose the Windjammer Landing Resort.  Here’s a quick review of our experience!

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Windjammer Suites

Room types vary depending on what you’re looking for and the amount of guests you need to accommodate.  They have everything from regular sized hotel rooms to villas. 

Windjammer Landing St Lucia Review
The view from our Hibiscus Suite

We chose to stay in one of the Hibiscus Suites.  These suites come with or without a Jacuzzi on the balcony (we did not have one).

The room was beautiful and very spacious!  Upon arrival, robes were displayed with a welcome message and a few flower petals on the king size bed. 

I’d love to show you a picture, but my husband immediately picked up one of the robes before I had a chance to take a photo!

We had a sitting area and small kitchenette type area.  The bathroom was very spacious with both a tub and a shower. 

Our balcony had two comfortable chairs and a small table, and overlooked the sea and pool areas.  We always returned to a clean room and no complaints whatsoever.

Windjammer Landing St Lucia Review

The hotel has steep hills, and a few areas of stairs we had to go up and down.  Since it is such an expansive property, there are shuttles that come around very frequently to take you to and from places. 

The Hibiscus Suite we stayed in was very convenient and a short walk to reception, the shops at the resort, pools, beach, and all but one restaurant. The last restaurant we did take the shuttle.

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The Staff at Windjammer

I’m a stickler for good customer service, having worked in customer service for over a decade.  The staff at Windjammer Landing was all truly lovely to work with.  If we had any questions they were helpful and prompt, and we never had any issue!

All-Inclusive?  It’s up to you!

At the time we visited, it was your choice to stay as an all-inclusive guest, or to pay for your meals as you go. 

On the all-inclusive plan you visit the restaurant like normal, and you receive a bill at the end of your meal that you simply sign and put your room number on. 

I was disappointed to see on some travel forums that people complained about this, as if it took too much time to scribble your name and room number. 

Granted, this was our first time staying at an all-inclusive resort, so maybe there is an easier way, but I can’t fathom how much easier it really could have been. I imagine it’s this way since there is the option to pay as you go.

Whether you choose to stay all-inclusive or not is up to you and what you think you will need, because some of the rooms have more amenities than others. 

If you are staying in one of the villas that have a kitchen and you plan to cook yourself, it would likely be more beneficial to not go the all-inclusive route.

The Restaurants 

Windjammer has five restaurants, four of which are located conveniently by the beach and pools and were a short walk (less than five minutes) from our room.  The fifth restaurant was a short shuttle ride away.

The restaurants had great food and great service.  They accommodated my picky palette, and my husband (the foodie) loved his meals.  His favorite meal was the red snapper, and he loved the fresh and varying fish offered nightly.  There is also a bar by the main pool.

Make sure you check the website prior to leaving so you pack the proper attire, there are dress codes at some of the restaurants after certain times.


The Windjammer website boasts six swimming pools.  We only visited the two near our room.  The main pool can get pretty busy and attracts more children. 

They also have activities at this pool throughout the day.  The second pool was smaller and up one flight of stairs.  This pool tended to be more on the quiet side, there was even one point we were the only ones there!

Windjammer Landing St Lucia Review
One of the smaller pools at the resort

The pool areas were always clean and well maintained.

The Beach

In addition to the pools, Windjammer has it’s own private beach.  Claim your spot early if you’re looking to lay out!  

When we went on a half day excursion, we came back to scarce availability of beach chairs and no umbrellas available.  I have really fair skin and burn easily, so I need to have shade whenever possible.

I read of some security issues at various other resorts in St. Lucia.  People would leave valuables on the beach and come back from a swim to find them gone. 

I never felt too concerned about our items at the Windjammer – and that’s not to say we weren’t vigilant about what we were taking with us to the beach.  We also wouldn’t swim so far off that we couldn’t see our chairs.  

Security walked along the beach, and it was never a threatening presence.

Windjammer Landing St Lucia Review
Part of the beach at Windjammer, including in-water hammocks!

The beach itself is sandy and wonderful.  There is a dive shop at one end of the beach, the pool bar near the middle, and another bar at the other end.  

There are three hammocks that dip into the water; these were really nice to lounge in if we were able to find one unoccupied!  People also really enjoyed a large trampoline and slide in the sea!

The Spa

My favorite experience at the resort was the spa.  The staff here went above and beyond and were extremely friendly. 

We got a couples massage and I got a pedicure.  Walking into the spa was instantly relaxing in the perfect atmosphere the Windjammer created.  

Resort Offered Activities

The resort itself offers plenty of activities.  

On “Welcome Night” everyone gets a rum punch and the staff gives special mention to people there celebrating honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.  You can also shop and purchase locally made crafts from a few vendors that put on displays around the pool.

We watched limbo and fire dancers another night.  It was set on a small stage on the beach, and the girls showed off some really impressive limbo skills and danced to live drummers. 

One of the girls even pulled my husband on stage and taught him a thing or two about dancing!  The fire breathers and dancers were equally impressive.  At the end of it all, they invited others on stage (including myself) to limbo!

Other activities at the resort include kayaking (highly recommend), snorkeling, banana boat rides, paddle boarding, windsurfing…all free!  There are other things, like waterskiing, you can do at an additional charge.

Conclusion: Stay Here!

I am a tough critic when it comes to customer service and cleanliness, I’m happy to report that the Windjammer exceeded all of my expectations!  Because of all the reasons above, I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to St. Lucia.  

The trip was overall amazing, and much of that was due to the resort making it that much better!  If you’re planning a trip to St. Lucia, my review of the whole experience can be found here.

What is your must-have in a resort?  What is your favorite hotel/resort?

Windjammer Landing St. Lucia Review

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