declutter challenge

7 Day Declutter Challenge

Are you drowning in clutter and can’t find your way out?

Are you completely overwhelmed when you walk in the door because there is just STUFF…everywhere?

Does it feel like you’ll NEVER get it under control?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

And this is the solution YOU NEED.

In the 7 Day Declutter Challenge, you will get:

An e-mail once per day, for 7 days, with step-by-step instructions helping you declutter one area of your home at a time.

A bonus area to declutter every day. For overachievers, or to keep for later when you’re done with the challenge.

Support and guidance throughout the decluttering process!


✅ Walking in the door after work and not feeling overwhelmed.

✅ Having your home be a place of relaxation instead of stress.

✅ Being comfortable decluttering and learning how to feel OKAY about doing it.

✅ Feeling so accomplished every day after finishing each task.

What are you waiting for?

declutter challenge
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